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Happy Tails -- Adopted American Curls

A Happy Ending Tail

This is the unhappy picture that begins this tale...

A Curl person, Connie Harvey, saw this picture on a site with images of cats at a shelter in Pasadena, CA that needed adoption (this was NOT a no-kill shelter). She posted the information - 3 y.o. Short-hair Curl, declawed and altered, on a list for Curl folk, to see if perhaps one of the breeders might recognize their own. No one on the list recognized the cat. Another Curl person, Paula Van Derven, posted this image on the list, which I then forwarded to my business partner at that time, Barbara in California. I offered ACRP funds to help pay for his adoption fee, and a personal donation but no one stepped forward to offer fostering him or providing him with a permanent home. Time began to run out.

Then thanks to Barbara and the contacts she had made on the CATS forum of Compuserve, there was a wonderful offer. Despite it's being the day before Memorial Day weekend, Diane would drive over an hour to the shelter, adopt him, and find a vet that would board him that weekend while she was out of town. Barb and I offered to pay the board bill. It was just in time - Diane was told he would not have been held over the weekend...his time was up.

Over the weekend, another CATS forum person, considered adopting him and then found the perfect match with nearby friends who'd been missing having a cat in their lives. Another Cats forum person (what can I say, it's a wonderful on-line community), Cheryl took him home from the vets, and then got him on a flight the next day to his new home in MA.

A happy, "no longer behind bars" photo montage!

Sampson (as he's been re-named I believe...Sammy for sure!) has already begun to settle in and display the wonderful temperment that most Curls have - he kisses, he rolls, he snuggles, he charms.

A happy ending for a young Curl that didn't need to be euthanized. Many Thanks to all involved with his rescue!

Another Happy Ending!

A happy Taz lounges in her new home! Taz is one of the more traumatized Curls from the IL rescue, but with time, and much love I am happy to post the latest report. Tazie now comes when her new person calls her, loves to be petted and sleeps curled up with the other kitties.

She's a happy furbaby and her new owner says..... Yay for Tazzie!

Yet Another Happy Ending!

Bailey, from the same home as Taz, was rescued in Illinois. Just a kitten at the time, he is growing into young adulthood and is so very handsome! Still working through issues of trust, he is progressing well according to his new owner. His new mom is doing a super job of showing him what life can be like in a loving home.

Yet Another Happy Ending!

Colleen , 6 to 8 y.o. American Curl spay. Letter from Colleen (dictation taken by Larry)
"Last month Cindy and Christie loaded me into the carrier, I thought we were going to see the Dr. We didn't go there, for some reason we took a longer trip and met this new man. I got out of the carrier and into another one and took another long trip. When we got to this new house I saw two boys that didn't know what to think of me. After a few days they wanted to touch and sniff a bit. Now all three of us get along pretty well. I found a place to get my beauty rest. I sleep at night on the bed with my buddy and his wife and those two boys, Max and Nacho (What funny boys they are). During the day I rest on the cable tv box sitting there in the warm sun. These two big people pet me a lot and I like that. Sometimes I reach out to remind them what they are supposed to be doing, that always gets some attention. I'm glad that I have as much room here as I could ever need. I might let Larry and Debbie stay with me and the boys if they continue to be good to us. Last Friday we went to see a new Dr. He liked me a lot, then said that I was just as healthy as could be. I gotta go now and rest up for the night.
Thank you for finding my new house."
Thanks to the many folks who helped foster this Curl, this happy ending wouldn't have happened without your generosity.

Colleen before adoption...

Colleen in her new home!


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