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Kathleen , 7 to 9 y.o American Curl spay. **In foster care in Texas** This is a current photo from over a year ago. Her ears don't curl but when her owners dumped her in the shelter they said that she and her sister Colleen (who has been adopted) were purchased from an American Curl breeder years ago. She is a very affectionate cat. She is a diva who loves to pose on top of counters and chairs so that you can admire her. Kathleen has a beautiful plush coat with gorgeous marbled tabby markings. For more information on Kathleen, or to adopt, please email Christie and put her name in the subject line


The following Curl is located on the East Coast and needs a new home - please contact us if you are interested in adopting. There is an Adoption fee,a vet reference is required,we will ship but transport costs are the responsibility of the adoptor. All information is current as of July, 2007.

We appreciate your donations! They help us with the ongoing expenses of fostering the Curls. We have made sure all the Curls are up to date on shots, and altered. Donated funds also help to support others fostering American Curls. Your donation will be used solely for vet costs and expenses incurred in caring for them. A huge "Thank you" to those who have donated so generously to date!


Red Cloud ,6 y.o neuter, red/white mac tabby, shorthair, moderately curled ears (here pictured with Baron). Here is what his foster mom has to say about him:

"Redcloud needs TLC and a very patient new owner. He was very scared when taken from the only home he's known and his new home should be quiet with no young children (older than 10). He gets along pretty well with my adult female Doberman as well as Baron (see his picture below). He seems to look to the other cats for reassurance from time to time and so we'd like to adopt him to a family with at least one other cat, or even adopt him with Baron since they get along so well together. I often find them cuddling together in the same chair when they're resting or Cloud will follow Baron around, giving him head butts and leaning on him as they walk side by side. Cloud is very sweet but prefers not to be picked up. He'd rather just come to you when he's in the mood for cuddling, which he does a lot. He somehow lost half his tail (probably due to his mother accidentally biting it when he was born, getting it tangled in the umbilical cord) but it doesn't seem to bother him a bit. He just holds it high, like a little flag, as he struts around the room." *** His foster mom also feels Red Cloud can not handle a long trip to a new home, so needs a home close to or in Ohio.***

Click here if interested in Red Cloud, put "Redcloud" as the subject of your e-mail.


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