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The American Curl Rescue Project (ACRP)

Please click here to learn more about available American Curls. Updated July 2007

Kathleen, (rescued from a will-kill shelter in Santa Clara, CA) is still seeking her forever home. Click here to read Kathleen's description, see her photo, or to apply to adopt her. Kathleen is in foster care in Texas.

Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More Your donation will solely be used for expenses incurred in caring for rescued Curls, and in supporting others currently fostering American Curls.

Who is the ACRP?
A volunteer group of people who are familiar with and love this very rare breed of cat and are dedicated to the rescue and placement of any abandoned or surrendered American Curls.

What is the purpose of the ACRP?
To assist in educating shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians about how to identify an American Curl; and to aid in the rescue and placement in permanent, indoor homes of any abandoned or surrendered American Curls found on the street, at shelters, rescue groups, or veterinarian offices.

The ACRP was founded in 1996. Over the years we have had an increasing number of Curl rescues that ACRP was actively involved with (several situations have involved mulitple Curls being rescued). We have dedicated representatives but have a continued need for volunteers, foster homes and donations.

How does the ACRP accomplish its goals?
Educating : We are available to answer your questions about this breed and apparent American Curls if you do not find the answer in our FAQ , and how to identify this breed versus a cat that has ear damage or is actually another breed such as the Scottish Fold.

Rehoming : an ACRP adoption form is used to help ensure the best possible match between a rescued Curl and a prospective owner. A contract, vet references, and an adoption fee are required to adopt an ACRP American Curl.

Any American Curl rescued by ACRP will be tested for FIV/FELV, spayed and neutered if whole, and brought current on vaccinations (FVRCP and Rabies). Foster and receiving homes that are utilized to house rescue Curls, depending on funds available, may be doing so at their expense until such time as the cat is placed. The foster/receiving home through careful observation while caring for the Curl will make every attempt to ascertain a rescue Curl’s needs to better match it with a new owner.

Fund Raising : We accept donations via the Amazon Honor System, and we have a Cafe Press powered store full of lovely items imprinted with various American Curl images and/or our logo. Check often for the latest sale!


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